Civil Design Services

All building structures require to be serviced. These services include roads, sewers, water supply. In the current environmental climate, storm water has to be properly dealt with as do contaminated sites. Roads have to be fit for the vehicle types. Check drainage for proposed properties and prepare schematic layouts to suit individual location including recommendations.

Road Access
Private housing scheme roads to adoptable standards. All housing schemes require a road infrastructure of some description this may range from a new junction onto an existing road or a network of new roads. These roads need to be prepared to adoptable standards by suitably experienced engineers in terms of their makeup and layout.

Water Supplies
Distribution mains to Scottish Water Standards.

Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)
Total soak away, partial soak away to SEPA criteria. The term SUDS describes the way in which storm water is dealt with locally on site and as part of a global drainage network. The consultation process is often time consuming and requires a range of knowledge of drainage design and involves the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Water and the Roads Department.

Drainage Schemes
Private and public foul water drainage. The development of larger sites with access to the public sewer require at network of specially designed underground foul and storm water drainage pipes. This drainage system must meet certain local authority standards. many factors that need to be balanced. satisfy the road layout, topography and existing

Soak Away
The development of rural sites without access to public sewers require a private drainage scheme. These schemes utilise the existing subsoil strata and local topography. These Specialist drainage solutions apply to both foul and storm water disposal. Septic, effluent and surface water, trenches and mounds.

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