Structural Design Services

As part of the building warrant process, all new structures require to be certified by a qualified and suitably experienced chartered engineer carrying professional indemnity insurance. Our engineers assess proposed structures to determine if they comply with British and European structural codes and propose suitable alternatives where necessary.

Timber Frame Structures
Timber frame structures are becoming increasingly popular within the domestic and residential sectors. We take care of all aspects including wall sizes, joist sizes, roof systems and nailing schedules.

Steel Frame Buildings
We design Portal frames, typically used in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors, and Steel Braced frames which are used primarily for offices and other commercial buildings. All aspects are covered, beams, columns, bracing, composite concrete flooring & foundations.

Concrete In Situ & Pre Cast
Typical In situ concrete structures would include, specialist foundations to cover poor ground conditions, ground bearing and suspended concrete slabs. Typical pre cast concrete structures would include concrete stair flights, landings and lintels.

Masonry Structures
Certain masonry structures constructed from brick or block work require the attention of a structural engineer. The safety of free-standing walls above a certain height should be able to resist local wind loads. Retaining walls should have an adequate factor of safety against failure. require to be checked in accordance with current codes of practice to resist the forces of wind.

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